Remapping for more torque

Would you like to safely improve the performance of your car?

There is a misconception that a remap is turning your vehicle into a race car or something for boy racers.

That’s not our typical customer though!

Our typical customer is someone that has bought a car that they like but they may struggle when overtaking, or on a day out with the family with more passengers, or on hills etc.

So, if you’d like safer overtaking, more effortless on hills and a better all-round driving experience please get in touch..

  • Improved drive on hills.
  • More torque for a comfortable drive.
  • Full health check diagnostic before we begin.
  • Your existing remap is stored on a server for your peace of mind.
  • All work fully guaranteed.
  • We are fully insured.
  • Established in 2008.

For more information or booking enquiries please call us on 01670 818914 or send us an email at