Turbotune Tuning Boxes

-Lifetime Warranty (while fitted to same vehicle) or 5 year transferable warranty.
-Free fitting at our workshop


We were not impressed with other companies’ tuning products, most of which originate from Europe so, we developed our own products which outperform, are more reliable, work on a wider range of vehicles and especially these days, cost you less.

If you compare our products to others, you will see that ours offer:-

a wide range of adjustment to suit all driver preferences;
rugged, hard wired cables with no computer D connectors much beloved by other companies and not suitable for the under bonnet environment
an off switch to bypass the module
simple fitting with NO wiring modifications or battery connections.
customer support provided by those who designed the product.

The Turbotune uses our proprietary low power RISC microcontroller technology that digitises the sensor signal(s) 10,000 times per second, meaning that this is a truly digital module. Current consumption is negligible so no extra battery connections are required. Reliability is excellent with negligible failures and this is why we now offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The signal is then modified in the digital domain to reprogram the fuel pressure, overriding the engine ecu, to permit increased fuelling and therefore torque. This increase is in relation to driver demand and engine rpm so accurate control is possible more or less anywhere in the rev and load range.

By incorporating 9 fuel modifying maps in the firmware, we can cleverly provide separate switches that control the torque enhancement at low/mid rprm (below about 2500rpm) and mid/high rpm (above about 2500rpm). Hence you can choose to have just more low down 'pulling power' - ideal for motorhomes and vans, or more 'top end' for sporty fast road use, or both for the power mad!

The on/off switch allows you to bypass the unit and return the performance to standard. Switch it off for a few days now and again to remind yourself of just how effective the unit is!

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