Engine remapping

REMAPPING involves reading the car's ecu via the diagnostic socket under the dash, modifying the firmware and then downloading it back into the ecu.

We use a Dimsport Genius that covers most vehicles and an Alientech Powergate R for Fords and X-Type Jag diesels.

Various parts of the original firmware can be modified, most commonly, the fuel maps to increase fuelling and hence performance. The boost pressure and timing can be adjusted as well as numerous other parameters to optimise performance and / or economy.

The modified firmware is produced by probably no more than a hand full of experienced tuners in the UK and so there is no 'standard' tuning file. The results will vary depending upon the skill and experience of the tuner and on what the customer wants. We only use files from top UK tuners and these can be customised to customer requirements upon request, usually at no extra cost.

Remapping is available for most turbo diesels. With petrol engines a remap is often the only way to obtain any performance and economy improvement. The results on a non turbo petrol vehicle often appear to be quite small on paper, but the driving experience will be much more rewarding, with sharper throttle response, more midrange torque, and usually a significant improvement in fuel consumption.


For some vehicles you cannot remap* them nor carry out such tasks as disabling the dpf or adjusting the speed limiter on light vans without accessing the ecu circuit board. Below is a typical ecu, with the programming attachment making contact with pads on the circuit board so direct access to the chip is possible.

Below is the Powergate R we use for Ford & Jaguar. Both it and the Genius are standalone so there is no risk of Windows crashing or laptop batteries going flat during a remap (usually disastrous - so watch out for amateurs using a laptop!

* Many recent diesels such as the Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW common rail engines, some KIAs and other cannot be remapped via the diagnostic socket so the only option is to remove and open the ecu. So this is where our Turbotune modules have a big advantage as it avoids possible warranty issues if the ecu has been opened..