We specialise in Motorhome tuning with over 1000 motorhome enthusiasts enjoying our products.

We supply a specially tuned version of our Turbotune, with the emphasis on more appropriate levels of performance & economy enhancement rather than top speed or 0 to 60 time. Designed to give more low down and midrange torque, the result is a safe but very worthwhile reserve of torque for overtaking and hill climbing without fuel consumption penalty. Clearly if you used the extra performance simply to travel at a higher speed you would expect to use more fuel. But driven in your normal style, the fuel consumption will often be improved.

"Brilliant, no turbo lag, Power/torque increase makes for mpg up 4-5mpg and easier towing of 1350kg caravan"

You will be surprised at how a modest and safe increase can enhance your motorhome driving experience, making long journeys much less daunting, not to mention, less tiring.

Finally, another point to consider is -: You've no doubt noticed how much it costs when buying a new motorhome if you choose the more powerful engine option. Well now you can have similar performance for a fraction of the cost of that option.