Case studies

We are not big fans of dyno tests because these only measure full throttle performance and only take a few seconds. They tell you absolutely nothing about how your car will drive on the road and on part throttle. 

But there is no doubt our tuning gives great results as you can see from the figures and the dyno charts on this page.



Dyno Chart
BMW 318D E90

Standard: 125.8 BHP
With Turbotune box: 155.7 BHP
Skoda Octavia VRS Diesel - From factory 168 BHP

Standard: 168 BHP
With Turbotune box: 194.6 BHP

Vauxhall Vectra SRI 150 - From factory 150 BHP

Standard: 150 BHP
With Turbotune box: 181.3 BHP
Citroen C5 Diesel - From factory 136 BHP

Standard: 136 BHP
With Turbotune box: 166.8 BHP